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History of the Thai Automotive Parts and Spare Parts Operators AssociationTAPAA

Automotive Parts Operators Association and Thai replacement parts THAI AUTO PARTS AFTERMARKET ASSOCIATION: TAPAA (pronounced Tapa) was established on July 23, 2009 with the association office located at Worachak Road intersection This is a widely known trading area related to automobile parts.

Reasons for the establishment of the association
It is acknowledged in the international trade arena that Thai car replacement parts It is in demand in the market from many countries around the world. Because the products are of high standard quality and offered for sale at a reasonable price. It can be seen that the exports of automobile replacement parts are increasing every year.

But after changes in administrative policies occurred in many countries that were closed countries Turned to support opening the country and doing free trade with the government as support. This creates a form of competition in the auto parts market. Including consumer goods and other types of consumption have changed. The competition has increased to a high level. Moreover, there has been a change in consumer purchasing behavior. that before considering “product quality” to “product price”

From such changes that occurred making Thai entrepreneurs doing business related to automobile parts and replacement parts Starting to gather together to go to exhibitions abroad. The goal is to show the potential of the product. and manufacturers from Thailand which comes from frequent gatherings This causes the exchange of knowledge and experiences. between members within the group Until it led to the idea of organizing a proper gathering as a formality. In order to be able to spread news, benefits and knowledge and experiences To a wider audience for Thai entrepreneurs.

Association emblem
Gear teeth represent the power reducer that is necessary for the operation of all types of machinery. Car images represent businesses that are related to members within the association.

Therefore, the meaning of the association's emblem Can convey that The association will volunteer to act as a cog in coordinating between various parts of the business sector and also driving the work of the replacement parts industry of Thai entrepreneurs. To move forward smoothly without obstacles under the same objective.

Main objectives and activities of Thai Automotive Parts and Replacement Parts Operators Association

1. To be a center of communication and support to assist members in improving the operation of enterprises of the type is in the intended object

2. Monitor and follow the movements of the trade market both inside and outside the country regarding member products. Run an enterprise To benefit trade, finance, economy or national security.

3. Conduct research on the types of enterprises within the intended objectives. Exchange and disseminate academic knowledge as well as trade news related to that enterprise.

4. Request statistics, documents or any information from members regarding the operation of enterprises of the type within the objectives, with the consent of the members.

5. Promote and develop the quality of products produced or sold. by the enterprises that are members to meet the standards as well as research and improve production and trade methods for better results

6. Cooperate with the government in promoting trade, industry, finance or any other business in the economy that is within the intended objectives.

7. Promote production In order to have sufficient quantities of products to meet the needs of markets both inside and outside the country.

8. Make an agreement or set rules for members to follow. or abstain from performing To allow the operation of enterprises in the type of residence The intended objective has been carried out smoothly.

9. Compromise disputes between members. or between members and outsiders in the operation of the enterprise

10. Cooperate among members to protect the interests of Thai entrepreneurs and consumers.

current operation

Currently, the association has members of all types, more than 50 companies, and from their role in participating in product exhibitions. or academic conferences to help develop the auto spare parts industry Make the association's reputation Becoming more well known to outsiders In terms of operations, the association holds a meeting of the association's executive committee every 1 month and holds a general meeting once a year so that all members have the opportunity to meet and socialize. get to know each other Including various news announcements Any matters related to the automobile spare parts business both domestically. and abroad In order for all members to be informed of the movements in the automotive spare parts industry.
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